Representative Assignments

(Note: Client relationships are confidential unless made public by client.)

Negotiated partition of two parcels of land with multiple owners so that one owner (client) obtained full ownership of one parcel for development, another owner obtained full ownership of a partitioned portion of second parcel, and client and third owner retained undivided interests in remainder of second parcel, satisfying all parties.

Consulted with owner of large parcel of suburban land on development and sale process. Three year assignment included team assembly, parcel sale negotiations, and strategic recommendations on urban planning, development, and tax deferral.

With co-consultant as subcontractors, advised Chicago Transit Authority on improving all aspects of the management of its real estate assets.

Advised absentee landowner on selection of real estate broker and negotiation of listing agreement, provided oversight of brokerís performance, and assisted in negotiation of final sale.

As consultant to a federal agency, provided extensive consultation to Croatian city on management of city-owned real estate. Advice addressed issues including state and local government policies and powers, privatization, organizational structure, and property management. Assignment involved ten trips (eighteen weeks) to Croatia.

Interpreted business aspects of large and exceptionally complex real estate transaction for federal government agency.

Mediated dissolution of business operated by three siblings. Business (involving operation of both owned and leased real estate) had been inherited from father when siblings were just reaching adulthood, and their interests had diverged. The situation was complicated by financial distress and by interests of other family members.

Advised client on business aspects of proposed condemnation of property by public body. Introduced appropriate legal counsel and advised on business and personal aspects of related estate planning.

Advised owner of vacant restaurant property on potential rehab for use as neighborhood office/retail as compared to demolition and new construction.

Investigated management practices of majority owner of office building for client that owned minority interest and occupied space under lease. Issues included personal benefits obtained from property by majority owner at expense of client.

Assisted buyer in conducting financial analysis and due diligence in purchase of apartment property.

Provided financial analysis and recommendations to corporate tenant considering offer of cash payment from owner in exchange for extending term of lease.

Reviewed farmland owned by major university endowment and made recommendations regarding retention/disposition and other questions.

Consulted with major university on the development of a continuing education curriculum for real estate practitioners. Recruited instructors, oversaw course design, assembled an advisory committee, and advised on marketing materials and strategy.

Provided expert testimony in litigation related to asset allocation by trustee.

Provided litigation support in property management and leasing case.

Provided litigation support in family business dissolution case.


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