Issues Addressed


Due Diligence

I want to purchase some property.  How can I protect myself and minimize the risk of unpleasant surprises?


I have discovered an environmental problem on my property.  What should I do?


Optimizing Performance

My business needs for real estate have changed.  How can I expand or reduce my occupied space and minimize the related cost?


Is my property being well managed?


What is the best way to convert my unproductive or vacant property to a profitable use?


I want to sell my property.  How can I minimize the capital gains tax?


How can I find out what my property is worth?


How can I compare various lease alternatives?


Capital Structure

How can I resolve a divided ownership situation?


How should my property be financed?


Fiduciary Duties

I am executor of an estate.  How can I best dispose of its real estate?


I am responsible for a trust or endowment fund.  Is my real estate portfolio well managed and performing competitively?  Am I fulfilling my obligations?


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