Rutledge Company LLC seeks to creatively exploit opportunities and solve problems involving real estate.

The opportunity or problem itself may not be obvious, and the first step to finding a solution or course of action is to be sure that the situation is clearly understood.  Client discussions, a property inspection, and independent research will lead to a full understanding of the challenge.

Next, appropriate resources are identified.  Rutledge Company LLC may be capable of fully satisfying the client’s needs.  But real estate circumstances may be complex, requiring any of a wide variety of specialists.  Rutledge Company LLC is not proprietary with client relationships and, as necessary and in collaboration with the client, will retain those other experts needed to resolve the issue.  They may include an attorney, appraiser, land planner, architect, property-specific consultant, and others.

Rutledge Company LLC prides itself on the very high quality of its worldwide network of resources, and does not hesitate to retain, or assist the client in retaining, those who are most likely to achieve the desired results at an acceptable cost.

Confidentiality and dedication to the client and the client’s best interests are of foremost importance.

Rutledge Company LLC works at the client’s side, maintaining open and frequent communications as a plan is developed and implemented, with the client as involved, or uninvolved, as desired.  Always, we seek to observe the client’s interests, preferences, and desires.

The goal is to exploit the opportunity or resolve the problem as efficiently and effectively as possible so the client can move on to other opportunities.


Rutledge Company LLC

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John K Rutledge, Managing Broker

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